Which Gaming Laptop You should buy in 2018?

Which Gaming Laptop You should buy in 2018? A lot of you guys have been asking us which gaming laptop should you buy in 2018. Well I know it can get confusing because there are a ton of great gaming laptops out there. it becomes difficult to choose so let’s solve that problem today.

Which Gaming Laptop You should buy in 2018?

Hey, guys, I’m Ali from teccue.com and today I will show you the best gaming laptops out there I’ll talk about the best gaming laptops in the budget segment the mid-range segment. and the best premium gaming laptops that money can buy. but before I do that let ‘s get started starting off with the budget segment of gaming laptops we’ve picked out some great gaming laptops. that are priced under sixty thousand rupees.

MSI GV 62 7 rd

First off is the MSI GV 62 7 rd which comes in at a price of rupees fifty four thousand nine ninety at that price the MSI ge62 offers some really great specs you get a seventh gen Core i5 processor eight gigs of RAM a one terabyte hard disk and 4gb of gtx 1050 graphics combine all of that and you have yourself a laptop that can run most games with ease you can expect the laptop to run games like pop G far cry 5 rocket League without any hiccup you may not get the best performance at Ultra settings on all these games but they should run fine on around medium settings at full HD.

if you’re into lighter eSports titles like csgo or League of Legends where those will run easily and you should not have any issues with it for everyday use like media consumption. you get a 7.1 surround sound experience from the laptop backlit keyboard for use in low-light conditions and a full HD vide view panel.

MSI GV 62 7 rd

If you’re looking for something a little more powerful and more stealthy than what MSI  is offering you should check out the Asus FX 5:03 gaming laptop. It comes in at rupees fifty-nine thousand nine hundred and nineteen and brings a stealthy black chassis with low-profile red keyboard backlighting. That just looks super cool under the hood you’ll find a 7 gen core i7 a dig of RAM a one terabyte hard disk and 4gb of gtx 1050 graphics performance wise.

This laptop will definitely run everything as the msi ge62 will and you’ll definitely notice a difference in games and programs that give multi-threading because the i7 comes with eight heads while the i5 in the msi ge62 only has four in terms of games this laptop will perform a tad better at games like Far Cry 5 bub G & Rocket Lee and obviously games like csgo and League of Legends will run without any hiccups .

For everyday use the laptop offers a full HD display and dual 2×2 watt speakers for a pretty decent audio awkward if you’re the type of person that wants to play their games at medium to high settings without pushing their laptops to the limit and you want a little bit of future proofing as well these mid-range laptops are your best.


Lee’s picked out some great options for you first off MSI GL 63 which comes in a trapeze 89,000 990 the laptop packs in and 8th gen Core i7 processor 8 gigs of ram a 1 terabyte hard disk plus of 128 gb SSD along with 4gb of gtx 1050 TI.


Coming along for all your graphical means as you would expect this laptop can easily handle all the triple-a titles of today with ease all you’ll have to adjust the graphics settings to around medium to high for better favorites games like Bob G 5×5, Call of Duty, World War 2, or Assassin’s Creed origins, will run pretty smoothly on this.

But obviously you may have to tweak the graphics settings are built to fall somewhere around medium at full HD and thanks to MSI’s cooler boost 5 technology the laptop remains sufficiently cool during long gaming sessions for everyday multimedia usage the laptop comes with giant speakers that provide an immersive already experienced and the 15.6 inches full HD panel will let you watch movies and videos in great quality.

MSI 62 m

If you are ok with getting a laptop with a 7th gen core i7 the MSI GL 62 m comes with all of the same specs as the GL 63 and is priced a whopping twelve thousand rupees lower a7 gen core i7 will perform perfectly fine for gaming to be honest.

So if you want to save some money you can consider the MSI GL 62 m as well then you can consider the sub Helius 300 which comes in and approximately rupees one lakh 10000 this laptop fax in a 7 gen core i5 along with 16 gigs of ram but 128 GB SSD along with a 1 terabyte hard disk and 6 gigs of GPX 1060 graphics to be honest a 7 gen core i5 should be able to handle most games pretty well what will make a difference here is the fact that this laptop packs in a 6 DB GPX 1060.

msi GL 62 m

That’s this laptop is really worth it at its price it will easily run high in games like Far Cry 5 and pub G games like Fallout 4 will not push it much either and you can easily run Call of Duty World War two Assassin’s Creed origins and similar games on medium to high settings at full HD also thanks to the extra RAM this laptop is a good bet if you want to stream your games on Twitter or something for media consumption and everyday usage the laptop features the full HD display and speakers that should get pretty loud plus the backlit keyboard will definitely help if you’re planning on using the laptop

Lenovo Legion Y 520

At nightly alternatively you can consider the Lenovo Legion Y 520 that comes in at rupees one lakh four thousand nine nine and brings the seventh gen core i7 16 gigs of ram a one terabyte hard disk plus of 128 GB SSD and four gigs of GTX 10 – PPI graphics you can also consider the HP omen 15 ce0 72 px that comes in at rupees one lakh and brings these same specs as the légion by 520 but at a lower price, however, HP is infamous for heating issues.

So keep that in mind moving on to the ultimate in gaming laptops these laptops are for people who want the best in gaming experience without any compromises we’ve picked out some great entry level premium gaming laptops and moved on to the biggest and worst gaming laptops we’ve ever played with first and foremost comes the Dell Inspiron 75-77 gaming laptop priced at rupees one lakh twenty five thousand two hundred and ninety.

Lenovo Legion Y 520

This laptop packs in a seven gen Core i7 processor 16 gigs of RAM a 256gb SSD plus a one terabyte hard disk and six gigs of GTX 1060 gddr5 graphics memory this laptop will breeze through most triple-a titles with ease games like Far Cry 5 fallout 4 and assassin’s creed origins will run pretty smoothly on ultra settings at Full HD pubs will also run well although thanks to its poor optimizations you might have to lower some of the settings or not plus the 16gb ROM will let you stream your games as you play them if that’s something that interests you or media consumption and everyday usage the laptop features a full HD IPS LCD display a backlit keyboard and stereo speakers that are really quite nice it also comes with a thunderbolt three port and two USB seaports

MSI ge70 3 8 RF

in case you need some fast io options moving on to something more expensive there’s the MSI ge70 3 8 RF gaming laptop that’s priced at rupees one lakh 70 9990 and for that price it will get an 8th gen Core i7 processor 16 gigs of RAM a one terabyte hard disk along with a 512 GB SSD for graphics this laptop comes with an 8gb GTX 970 GPU which means well triple-a titles from today are no problem for this laptop it will run right through games like Assassin’s Creed origins and fallout 4 Farcry 5 might push it just a little at Ultra settings and pop G.

Won’t really stress it out either if you’re more of a counter-strike player or maybe something like League of Legends this laptop is very overkill for those games and we’ll go through them in a jiffy for something even more powerful I mean I would recommend the new Alienware 15 priced at rupees 2 lakh 60 3990 this laptop brings seven Gen Core i7 processor 32 gigs of ram one terabyte hard disk and of 1tb SSD and eight gigs of GD X 1080 with max Q design technology.

MSI ge70 3 8 RF

With those specs this beast will rip right through today’s Triple-A titles far cry 5 assassin’s creed origins pub GP fireteam whatever it is this laptop will run it perfectly on the maximum settings in full HD I am not even gonna talk about csgo in League of Legends here I mean come on the Alienware 15 will run through them like a hot knife through butter thus it looks super cool too doesn’t it it’s amazing and it screams gaming from every inch however if you’re looking for performance like the alien wave 15 but in a package that’s still there and not growing with RGB lighting from every angle.

Acer predator Triton 700

Acer predator Triton 700 is a great choice to a trapeze to lack nine to nine thousand nine ninety this laptop comes with a seven gen Core i7 processor 16 gigs of RAM a one terabyte SSD and yes eight gigs of GD X 1080 graphics with max Q design technology.

Acer predator Triton 700

I’ve used this laptop for over a week and believe me, this performs like a beast in every game heck I even played csgo on this and here I mean that framerate was ridiculous through the trackpad placement on this laptop is really awkward but for gaming you’ll be plugging in a mouse anyway so I guess that should be fine

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