The Weirdest Phones In the World

The Weirdest Phones In the World: Just when you think you’ve seen every phone and every set of features. The world it continues to surprise you with very specific phones that you never would have guessed existed or needed to exist and this is the purpose for my constant exploration of the gadget. The universe is my duty to show you what exists so let’s get started oh I don’t know on the left all you see on the box mini we are not creative we are beyond creative.

The Weirdest Phones In the World

Hey that doesn’t get you fired up I don’t know what looking around the boxes and it’s not gonna tell you too much oh okay this now this is interesting that is the entire phone this little tiny package it looks like a key fob to unlock your BMW Jack. have you ever seen anything like it in your life it even says BMW on it if this was on your keychain nobody would know you are carrying around a communication device how and where does the magic happen?

Just like this boom that is a flip phone holy smokes could see it’s got the BMW grille at the top for the earpiece. An old-fashioned dial pad it’s almost some special agent type thing we got everything we got a USB cable. A headset in there looks how tiny little battery is 600 milliamp hours but who cares it’s not a smartphone. This should this should be just fine a USB power brick of a BMW keychain to carry it on except the B is kind of blacked out no copyright infringement there.

I guess it’s just an M w so you get that and you get an extra battery to double batteries with this guy that’s kind of good alright so let’s see how these functions pull it back off you can see in here SIM card tray and micro SD card slot what giving you a micro SD on something this tiny that’s wild now let’s put the battery in yeah who’d this guy up look. At that oh man that was uh that was the sound of a BMW right there oh wow so the whole menu is BMW themed here let’s see what kind of applications were working with you Internet.

What I don’t think you’re gonna want to be browsing on there folks look this is not the point of this phone ok got this baby on the keychain oh look at the way it’s lighting up you can see that hold on flip boom get with the times a jack does your phone do this bam Oh baby that’s special that’s a button Oh excuse me, haha it beeps like you just locked your car soapy maybe people are even gonna believe it man that’s almost worth the price of admission right there.

I don’t care what this cost is that a camera on the back oh boy we can’t miss that 240 by 320 resolution on the camera let’s see something here you know it’s there it’s got a camera on it please insert memory card okay well you’re not buying this for the cat I told you already all right this is a secret agent phone easy that no one’s even gonna recognize as being a phone at all plus you do that every so often it’s very weird that’s the whole purpose of this article now this one the box says new mind and this one goes a step further it’s a full-on car but it’s a phone holy moly.

Porsche I guess I don’t know which model that’s inspired by the GT maybe you can see that has a camera on it a speaker the phone itself looks kind of cool as well but I like that they kept the trunk icon much like the last device we were looking at this one has a micro USB port a headphone jack holy smokes they fit that in there this is just uh just a charger that’s all you that’s all you’re gonna get it’s probably all you need two thousand milliamp hours.

That’s a step up that’s an upgrade now let’s see if I can power it up this guy might need a charge I definitely need oh here we go all right I’m gonna leave this one plugged in but it’s booting up now oh this has its own sound effects situation going on okay so there’s a Porsche vehicle Porsche a Porsche vehicle on the wallpaper there to commemorate the whole situation here the fact that you’re making phone calls on a car Oh the same thing like the BMW key.

The interface has an automotive motif in this case though I’m seeing an Audi and a beanpole you hear that because you’re about that speed but it’s gonna Lambo like it doesn’t have to here’s another Audi something happened there it was a space-time continuum multi-dimensional black hole Dark Matter expansion of the universe was all there Jack uh also a camera 128 by 160 it’s worse than 144 P all right feel the pain it’s just it’s weird cuz it’s a car that’s pretty much it like you know that secretly there’s a phone underneath there I guess it’s kind of cool.

If I was going weird zone I will probably take the other one this one is real covert ops like that looks like a key fob Plus who’s kidding who who’s kidding who y’all fooling me I’m fooling you next up we have this-this thing is kind of crazy this is a very large phone okay it’s an iPhone and you’re gonna find out why in a moment here like just feast your eyes on that baby looks kinda like a Walkman I’m gonna have to use my Mandarin skills look at the size of this battery that is a brick 6000 that’s a fat battery power brick micro USB pretty straightforward.

What makes this phone special is actually right here it has a giant speaker on it it’s like the boombox in your phone alright you carry the party with you right in your phone it also has a giant flashlight on it so I guess in a sense it’s kind of like a survival phone like how many buttons it has like what’s even going on yes look at the size of the speaker unit sheesh two SIM card trays and an SD card slot on the bottom you have micro USB to charge it up but you’ve also got a full-size USB port since it does have a giant battery in it.

You can use this to charge up other devices that’s kind of cool now it’s a tank that’ll get you up in the morning oh my goodness okay big buttons here call button contacts button here’s the camera I guess oh boy you see that now it’s like 1992 at least you know you took a photo whole leap can be covert in the streets like whoa all right here’s the music this is really what it’s about here we go wow that’s emotional I don’t know.

tkexun apple

I feel like this speaker it might even beat the razor phone speakers the crazy stuff I’m into it and it’s got a dedicated switch that’s another crazy thing to consider this is a new phone it’s not like I’m looking at some relic or museum item it’s like there is some fun stuff out there you’re just unaware of it welcome to the weird zone now this one blew my mind when I saw it if you look inside you see some flashy green over there don’t just look at this phone okay Lou I don’t understand it looks like a flip phone a flashy Apple green

apple green did you say apple green apple what how crazy is that just a straight-up Apple logo on a random flip phone that is wild that’s a real thing that’s a product this is you right here this is you that’s bold that’s you-you’re driving in a car you’re hanging out in the high school cafeteria just chatting it up on your Apple phone.

tkexun apple

I have to admit Plus like the build quality is actually kinda nice on a measly Apple could learn a thing is you oh this has a moose but more modern interface fun QQ WeChat eBook browsers I mean I feel like as far as these crazy phones go this one is probably the most actually usable it just reminds you of an era gone by imagine sampling this thing this is some crystal castle whoa that was a wild ride Oh did anyone see that Jack watch this ready here we go who try and get your iPhone to do that and on the open $2,000 iPhone 10 can’t do that that that that Wow the world of weird phones is weird and I love it and I hope you do too.

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